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Major credit cards

We accept all credit cards

Demolition / Debris removal

Whether buying a foreclosure, a new home, or just renovating your current home or business...
We can help!

Foreclosure & Debris Removal
Now is the time to buy homes cheap, BUT with the reduced price, sometimes comes a home in need of a good cleaning or updating. We would love to help you get out the old, so you can bring in the new!

Interior Demolition
Renovation of your home or business can be a stressful time, and we understand. If you plan on living or working in your home or business during a remodel, we can coordinate so that daily operations aren't interrupted. We ALWAYS do our best to minimize the effects of the demolition process... (dust, noise, vibrations, etc.)

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DO: Have your septic tank inspected and pumped regulary. For a typical family of four, it is recommended to have this done every 2-3 years.

DON'T: Wait too long! If the buildup of solids gets too high, it can be pushed into the drainfield, clogging and straining the system, sometimes making a new drainfield necessary.

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Basic Septic System Mechanics:

Septic System Diagram

Top - Organic solid material, "scum." Bacteria here is biologically converted to liquid.

Middle - Only clear water SHOULD exist. It is this clear water, and only this clear water, that should overflow into your drainfield.

Bottom - Inorganic or inert solid material and the by-products of bacterial digestion, "sludge." Sludge is NOT BIODEGRADABLE and WILL NOT DECOMPOSE. It will keep piling up if it is not removed, leading to solid material overflow.

Drainfield - Typically a rectangular underground area, comprised of porous piping, laying in a bed of stone covered by soil. It's site, size and construction is dependent upon the number of bedrooms, number of facilities, and anticipated water flows. If solid material is pushed into your drainfield, it will clog soil pores and cause your system to fail.

Two main factors that cause buildup:

1. Lack of sludge removal

*Failure to have tanks cleaned regulary

2. Bacterial deficiency

*The break down and digestion of organic solids NEEDS bacteria present.
*Avoid products carrying harsh warnings - "HARMFUL OR FATAL IF SWALLOWED" - these products can reduce the bacteria population required for proper septic tank operations.
*If solids can not be digested, the scum accumulates until it presses down and flows through the baffle into the drainfield.

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Tree Removal, Trimming & Maintenance

Storm/Debri Removal

Lot/Land Clearing

Getting ready to build your dream home? Sick and tired of that cluttered lawn? These are just a few of the reasons you will need to have your land and lot clearing done by a professional. Whether it's clearing one acre or 100 acres, the land and lot clearing is no job for an amateur.

We have the equipment to deal with whatever your tree service needs; maintenance to complete removal. Our knowledgeable service workers will safely bring down branches or even an entire tree without causing any injuries or damage to surrounding property.

What is land / lot clearing?

There may be trees, ground cover, or bushes that have grown up and around trees. These weeds, ground cover, and vines need to be removed for several reasons. They may be actually blocking your view of the forest. They may be homes to rodents and the like. The land and lot clearing will open up an area so that you can enjoy gazing at the trees in their full splendor. Land lot clearing is also necessary if you have purchased land to build a home or to farm and it is covered with natural foliage. Before any construction or planting can take place, the land and lot must be cleared to be usable.

Land and lot clearing is not an easy job and requires an expert. When making the decision to clear the land, what will you do with all the debris left-over? Are the trees you are about to cut down worth something? Some trees can be used for firewood and some are sent to lumber yards. Will you know which is which?

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Blake will gladly help you with many tree-related services such as removal, trimming and maintenance.